Social Listening in 2016


Part of our time is dedicated every day to keep abreast of what is happening around us, to keep up. Today we read in one of the blogs that we consult, “Since the articles we publish in our company pages within Facebook are becoming less visible (rarely come to be seen by 10% of those who marked” likes “on page) …” and then I connect to the pages of company that manage to check the number and … does not fit me. In the worst case we have an average of 33-38% (17-20% down to sometimes) and the rest of pages exceeds 50% smoothly.

In my opinion, there is an obsession to get fans to the business pages. In part it is normal, it is part of the work and a way to justify the work of a manager of social networks, but we prefer to have fewer but quality fans, to have many but disinterested. We prefer to perform an online strategy where customers find niches and focus efforts on attracting them to our website or to create community and provide it with content interesting to them.

Not all companies are niche in Facebook (this is obvious but some just seem to not understand, although there who “put” this unnecessary part to their customers), and in cases where there niche in this network social, you have to give them to your followers is information of interest, quality information. Obviously, too.

We mentioned Facebook, but the same can apply to other networks, Twitter, G +, a channel of Youtube (very interesting resource for companies in many cases), Pinterest …

What happens in some cases? It may be there is not a strategy for presence in social networks, can that be but is not being implemented well, the company may not be able to generate quality content … there may be several factors.

What could be a backlinks solution? It is essential to understand how these networks operate. Analyze what or not like, what interests you, what is shared, discussed … and offer it to our fans.

The optimal situation would be that the company should manage internally their Facebook page, or Twitter account, your YouTube channel, your Google+ profile, their … but experience tells us that most of them, although they want to do, not have trained personnel or time to do it. Then we enter professional game that manage social networks and online strategies based on a knowledge of the company. It is essential that the trust company who can handle him his internet presence. To communicate their plans, their daily work, future plans, their interests, their competence, their strengths and weaknesses, to define objectives and facilitate the work of the transmission system. And we acquire the habit of thinking like the customer. We have to trust each other, and then manage their social networks.

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